Aurora Modular bracket - AR2

    Reference: BAC 01-015-ALL

    Modular Rally bracket made from Aluminium, with the following options:

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    - Top left position: ICO or RNS

    - Top right position ICO or RNS or SpeedoCAP

    - Middle: Aurora Mk1 or Mk2 RB holder

    - Optional lower bracket that can be bolted to create the following options: The Bracket can be bolted to the left, middle or right section of the lower part creating unique combinations: a) Nothing installed in the lower part b) Bracket to the left with ICO or RNS c) Two lower brackets, one to the left and one to the right. d) Blank brackets to make your own holes e) One large lower bracket to support GPS units.

    - Antennae support. Adjustable support for two GPS antennae. The bracket has a full round stiffener to withstand vibration cracking and it is grit blasted to improve crack resistance.

    Compatible with Aurora Immortal Bracket and HDB Rally towers (

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    Gas Gas EC/EC-F
    Husqvarna FE/TE