Reference: 690-XPLORER-KX2-AUS

    690 Xplorer ('19-'24) *Required step

    The only kit in the market that does not modify the frame in any way.

    Staying loyal to the heritage created with the 701 Xplorer, Aurora Rally Equipment releases it's proven rally kit for the all new KTM 690 Enduro using the same recipe.

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    KTM 690 Xplorer

    Designation: KX2-AUS

    Xplore the world!

    Staying loyal to the heritage created with 701 Xplorer, Aurora Rally Equipment releases it’s proven rally kit for the all new KTM 690 Enduro using the same successful recipe.

    Fuel capacity

    690 Xplorer
    28 Liters
    KTM 790/890 Adventure
    20 Liters
    Yamaha T700
    16 Liters
    690 Enduro stock
    13 Liters

    Lights are fully legal and straight from the KTM® Factory Replica.

    Mainbeam: Hella 60mm projector with (can be upgraded to LED).

    Highbeam: Hella 60mm LED (can upgraded to Baja Designs Squadron Sport or Pro).

    Afraid of the unknown? Fear no more! The 701 Xplorer comes with two fuel pumps manually selectable. 

    We have added the OEM Keihin rally pump complete with a fuel warning light to ensure that you will get to the next resting point whatever the circumstances. 

    An optional third pump can be installed, ready to roll if things get tough! We even went as far as researching a fuel pump motor that we can guarantee for life (available as an upgrade).

    Pre-assembled fuel lines with factory KTM CPC quick connect/disconnect couplings and dual anodised billet non-return valves. We went a step further and used two extra fuel filters in the fuel lines for your safety. This gives you the ability to donate fuel to a fellow rider through the innovative piping system. 

    Afraid that your fuel lines will get hot? We took care of that. Heat shield sleeves are installed in all the critical areas to ensure that your bike will stay cool whatever the weather conditions!

    Whether you are out racing in the dunes or simply enjoying your trip to the unknown, allow us to take care of your comfort. 

    A dedicated Fiberglass reinforced ABS seat pan with a molded foam and ultra grip cover will ensure that you arrive comfy in your destination.

    Made from high quality stainless steel the exhaust header, with optional rally racing silencer. 

    Want to keep your stock exhaust or already have an after market silencer? Fear no more! We routed the exhaust header so that the stock silencer position can be kept.

    CFCP is a small company located in Greece and we trust no one else for all our Carbon Fiber parts. We are proud to have such a skid plate on our kit. 

    Ground clearance is maximized and you get enhanced protection of the suspension linkage. The skid plate brackets are composed of Aluminum and Stainless steel and with addition of Antivibration Dampeners your frame is protected in case of a violent impact.

    The tank brackets have been design to keep your frame intact, allowing you to safely return the vehicle to its original state or even get TUV approval in certain countries. 

    You'd be happy to know that our Xplorers have passed TUV approval in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

    Can't decide? See what is the best solution for you!

    Click on the ''COMBINED' button on the top left corner to see all charts in one.

    What you see here is a spider (or radar) chart. We are comparing the OEM bike vs different Aurora Layouts that we have in our range. There are six areas of interest.

    1. Ergonomics. This is your instrument layout. Are they in a better position? Easier to see? Higher is better.
    2. Fuel Capacity. Straight forward. Higher means more fuel!
    3. Protection. This is protection from the elements and is based on our own tests and feedback from customers. The highr the protection, the higher the number.
    4. Lights. OEM lights are fully legal. In our kits not only you upgrade the lights, but you can install full off-road LED units for max performance.
    5.Weight. That's a necessary evil. We remove and we add parts on the bikes and the net effect is sometimes a heavier bike, or in the case of our Superlight kit a lighter bike.
    6. Racing. Get ready to race! Higher is better.

    Choose your areas of interest and get the best possible solution! A full comparison can be found in the FAQ section. 

    Did you know, you can create 5 different bikes with our kits?​


    More durability using factory KTM parts, increased fuel range using two front KTM Factory tanks with dual fuel pump setup and the world winning Rally Factory look using the aerodynamic clear fairing as uses by the Dakar winning KTM bikes. 

    The legendary head clamp!

    The most integral part. Should this part fail, regardless of how good the rest of the structure is, it will crumble on the ground taking with it all the electrics of the bike. This is the foundation of the kit. Since 2016 Aurora Rally Equipment is proud to have zero head clamp failures in all the environments and riding conditions. Racing, Traveling, Commuting. Our data shows that there is no difference in racing and traveling as far as the damage that one can be inflicted onto these parts. To the contrary, there is substancial proof that amateur riders, sometimes, cause more harm to the equipment than the pro riders. The clamp is machined out a solid block of aluminium with special spacers and a chro-moly U-bolt designed and manufactured specifically for that purpose. It is warrantied for life, as are all of our frame clamps.

    Choose between different sticker design!

    Everything comes pre-assembled

    Easy as 1-2-3. Just take care of the cabling and the electrics layout and you'd be ready to roll! 

    Everything is straight forward and so the kit can be installed in one day on the bike.

    Please watch the installation video carefully.

    What's included in the kit

    What's included in the kit

    1. Front tanks (Factory KTM parts), Left and Right – with all accessories. Front tanks are interconnected. Tygon yellow breather pipes with billet Aluminium front caps. Tank breathing is interconnected with a metallic tee. Triple layer thermal reflector installed on the left tank to reduce heat transfer from the exhaust.
    2. Tank brackets (Aluminium, steel and stainless steel used). Warrantied for life. Tank brackets are light and adjustable.
    3. Side panels. ABS side panels designed and manufactured to match the new 690 Enduro aesthetics.
    4. Side panel brackets.
    5. Rectiifer relocation bracket.
    6. Navigation Tower which is made from Aluminium, steel and polymers. This is the tower that has won the Morocco Desert Challenge with Joakim Lundby and since its birth there are no structural failures. The tower comes complete with street legal lights. Hella Projector as a main beam with a cut off so that you do not blind the fellow riders/drivers even when a LED or HID bulb is installed. High beam is a LED unit from Hella, taken directly from the 2019 KTM 450 Rally Replica bike.
    7. Navigation backplate.
    8. Roadbook backplate comes with a dedicated backplate for a roadbook holder of your choice.
    9. Dual GPS backplate comes with a backplate capable of housing two GPS units or one GPS and one tripmaster.
    10. Both versions come with a touring seat (wider and lower) as standard. A rally oriented seat (narrow and higher) is available at no extra cost.
    11. Fuel pump, OEM Keihin. Optional: Upgrade the pump motor and get a lifetime warranty on the pump!
    12. Dedicated exhaust header, stainless steel. Handcrafted.
    13. Fuel piping. Two billet non return valves, all preassembled. Plug and play. Heat shields installed in the fuel lines that need to be protected.
    14. All wiring. Plug and play. (Toggle for pump selection, reserve light etc).
    15. QuickCharge 3.0 USB charger.
    16. CNC polymer cable guide.
    17. Carbon fiber/aramid reinforced skid plate. Brackets with shock absorbers to protect the tanks in case of a heavy crash. The new skid plate protects the rear brake pump and the linkage of the bike.
    18. ABS molded seat pan. Durable seat cover and dedicated polyurethane foam to make you feel comfortable in long trips.


    KTM® 690 Enduro (2019-)


    Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product’s color and design, actual colors and design may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings, the lighting in the installation location, slight differences in product finishes over time and other factors. Please contact Aurora Rally Equipment should you wish to confirm your final choices.


    Due to different regulations in the US, the OEM front turn indicators are bigger and will not fit in the available space on the tower. It is advisable to buy a smaller LED set.


    • You must to cut the rear part of the front mask of the bike to remove it if you don't want to detach the brake lines from the bike.
    • We recommend to trim the side frame covers. To revert back to the OEM, we can supply the covers when you order the kit.

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