Reference: 690-RALLY-LITE-KLC1-AUS

    690 Lite kit ('19 - 24') *Required step

    Its here! 690 Rally Lite is the best of both worlds.

    Light, yet capable of protecting the rider from the elements. Rally or traveling this is the kit to have. With side shrouds designed from scratch, to match the bike’s aesthetics, this will be a kit that will transform your 690 to a lite traveler like no other! Convert to a full rally by getting the Super 690 kit and get all possible combinations depending on your mood or the terrain ahead!

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    Rally Lite

    KTM 690

    Designation: KLC1-AUS

    The all-round traveler!

    Light, yet capable of protecting the rider from the elements. 

    Rally or traveling this is the kit to have. With side shrouds designed from scratch, to match the bike’s aesthetics, this will be a kit that will transform your 690 into a light traveler like no other! 

    Upgrade to full rally by adding the Super 690 kit and get all possible combinations depending on your mood or the terrain ahead!

    See the difference!

    Click on the ''COMBINED' button on the top left corner to see all charts in one.

    What you see here is a spider (or radar) chart. We are comparing the OEM bike vs different Aurora Layouts that we have in our range. There are six areas of interest.

    1. Ergonomics. This is your instrument layout. Are they in a better position? Easier to see? Higher is better.
    2. Fuel Capacity. Straight forward. Higher means more fuel!
    3. Protection. This is protection from the elements and is based on our own tests and feedback from customers. The highr the protection, the higher the number.
    4. Lights. OEM lights are fully legal. In our kits not only you upgrade the lights, but you can install full off-road LED units for max performance.
    5.Weight. That's a necessary evil. We remove and we add parts on the bikes and the net effect is sometimes a heavier bike, or in the case of our Superlight kit a lighter bike.
    6. Racing. Get ready to race! Higher is better.

    Choose your areas of interest and get the best possible solution! A full comparison can be found in the FAQ section. 


    Why keep adding parts when you can simply design a new one? The 690 Lite includes patent pending side panels that replace the OEM shrouds offering an aesthetically pleasing result, while optimizing the aerodynamics!

    The kit is fully compatible with the Super 690 kit (tanks, seat, skid plate, exhaust etc.) so that you can upgrade at a later stage to the full Rally Replica.

    The navigation tower has been proven in races such as Morocco desert challenge (and winning twice, with Joakim Lundby >450 class in 2018), Albania Rally (Roman Bale winning the >450 class in 2020), Serres Rally and many more. All that without any reported failures on any of the kits sold since 2016.

    The legendary head clamp!

    The most important part. If this part fails, no matter how good the rest of the structure is, it will fall on the ground taking with it all the electrics of the bike. This is the foundation of your kit. Since 2016 Aurora Rally Equipment is proud to have zero head clamp failures in all the environments and conditions. Racing, Traveling, Commuting. Our data show that there is no difference between racing and traveling as far as the damage that one can inflict to these parts. To the contrary, there is proof that amateur riders, sometimes, cause more harm to the equipment than the pro riders. The clamp is machined out a solid block of aluminium with special spacers and a chro-moly U-bolt designed and manufactured specifically for that purpose. It is warrantied for life, as all our frame clamps.


    The 690 rally tower is one of our first designs after we got involved in Dakar. Since 2015 this tower has received multiple updates both in design, materials and manufacturing methods. All the parts have a very specific target: to protect your instruments and allow you to reach your destination. To that end, the tower will deform heavily (instead of breaking or cracking). The different materials (stainless steel, aluminum - two different alloys) and polymer will make sure that you can reach your destination and take action there.

    Everything comes pre-assembled

    Easy as 1-2-3. Just take care of the cabling and the electrics layout and you'd be ready to roll! 

    Everything is straight forward and so the kit can be installed in one day on the bike.

    Please watch the installation video carefully.

    Part's list loading... >>

    What's included in the kit

    1. Navigation Tower with lights, made from Aluminium, steel and polymer. The Morocco Desert Challenge and Albania Rally winning tower. Mainbeam is the Hella Projector (with a cut off as to not blind other riders and fully upgradable to LED), Highbeam is the Hella LED Projector straight from the KTM Rally Replica
    2. CNC Aluminium Billet Head Clamp (warrantied for life)
    3. KTM® original Rally Factory Windscreen complete with 1/4 receptos
    4. Plug n Play wiring harness (the mainbeam stays on when the high beam is turned on).
    5. Glass Fiber panels with dedicated side panel brackets.
    6. Dual GPS back plate to mount your favourite devices
    7. OEM Speedo bracket.
    8. QuickCharge 3.0 USB charger.
    9. CNC polymer cable guide (warrantied for life)
    10. Aurora 701 Lite Standard decals (if you prefer a more custom look check out our SKDA designs!)

    Tower includes:

    CNC Aluminium spacers.

    Position for ABS light, and five warning lights (or toggle switches).

    KTM OEM Stone guard.

    KTM OEM Light support.

    KTM OEM Windshield pre-assembled with rubber grommets and spring loaded black Dzus fasteners.

    Screen bolts (x2 – the other 4 OEM ones are used from your own bike) with wellnuts (x6).

    Navigation backplate.

    Roadbook backplate holds one roadbook holder of your choice and two tripmasters. (extra at extra cost)

    Dual GPS backplate comes with a backplate capable of housing two GPS units or one GPS and one tripmaste (std). 

    Side panels. Made of Glass Fiber. Pre drilled and painted. Carbon Fiber upon request (at extra cost)

    CNC spider head clamp. Warrantied for life.


    Due to different regulations in the US, the OEM front turn indicators are bigger and will not fit in the available space on the tower. It is advisable to buy a smaller LED set.


    • We recommend to trim the side frame covers. To revert back to the OEM, we can supply the covers when you order the kit.
    • You must cut the rear part of the front mask of the bike to remove it if you don't want to detach the brake lines from the bike

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