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    Push it! Harder, Further, Beyond Limits!

    This kit was designed from the ground up to give the 790/890 Adventure S or R unparalleled aesthetics and functionality. The Aurora 790/890 Rally kit is easy to install, and it is designed for long lasting traveling adventures over any terrain. It can be upgraded at anytime to competition performance by the addition of the optional Aurora 790/890 rally parts.

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    Rally Kit

    KTM 790/890

    Designation: X90KR-AUS

    Let it out!

    This kit was designed from the ground up to give the 790/890 Adventure (S/R) unparalleled aesthetics and functionality. 

    The Aurora 790/890 Rally kit is easy to install, and it is designed for long lasting traveling adventures over any terrain.

    It can be upgraded to Rally Performance at anytime by the addition of the optional Aurora accessories.

    Disclaimer: this kit has not been verified for 7/890 MY23. 

    We will have news for you soon!

    Rally on!

    Click on the ''COMBINED' button on the top left corner to see all charts in one.

    What you see here is a spider (or radar) chart. We are comparing the OEM bike vs different Aurora Layouts that we have in our range. There are five areas of interest.

    1. Ergonomics. This is your instrument layout. Are they in a better position? Easier to see? Higher is better.
    2. Protection. This is protection from the elements and is based on our own tests and feedback from customers. The highr the protection, the higher the number.
    3. Lights. OEM lights are fully legal. In our kits not only you upgrade the lights, but you can install full off-road LED units for max performance.
    4.Weight. That's a necessary evil. We remove and we add parts on the bikes and the net effect is sometimes a heavier bike, or in the case of our Superlight kit a lighter bike.
    5. Racing. Get ready to race! Higher is better.

    Choose your areas of interest and get the best possible solution! A full comparison can be found in the FAQ section. 


    It is unique! The 790/890 rally kit will transform the way you use your adventure bike. KTM® 790/890 Adventure is one of the most advanced and capable bikes available today. This unique kit further enhances its abilities!

    Improved aerodynamics. One of the most complex equations to solve. In Aurora we are firm believers that technology is the key to assist in good and reliable results. Enjoy your bike using rally proven KTM® parts.

    Engineered to perform! Use the Before/After image to understand the engineering that has gone to the tower. The tower is now closer to the handlebars, bringing the center of gravity of the tower assembly as close as possible to the bike. The result? More relaxed riding, better long distance perofrmance!

    It's unique! The towe is a three piece design. Not only for improved characteristics, but for ease of assembly and maintenance!

    It's reversible! No modification to the frame needed at all. It is important to make sure that your warranty is sill valid, and should you choose to return the bike in its original state, you can do it  on the spot!

    The kit comes pre-assembled! Everything is assembled for ease of use and reference. Our team is online close to 24/7 and you can text, e-mail us should you need help so that installation goes smoothly!

    It is FUN! This bike is a joy to ride, reminding us the 950 Super Enduro in a modern way. It has volume due to the tanks, but a very slim front making it a very macho looking bike which is a joy to ride both on and off-road.

    Serial numbers in all parts! Each sub-assembly has a dedicated, unique serial number. We are able to back trace down to the person and the exact date that this sub-assembly was manufactured. Our unique quality control system means ease of mind when you install and Aurora!

    Never stop traveling!

    Navigation Tower

    The new design results in the main parts of the navigation tower to be 70% stiffer, while the new modular arrangement allows the main parts of the tower to be only a few grams heavier. 


    The ‘spine’ structure, machined out of a solid block of aluminum, is seven millimeters thick, yet the special pockets allow the structure to be superlight. Keeping the tower very close to the weight of our 701 rally tower, the 790/890 Adventure structure benefits from the new ‘shorter’ design (i.e. the tower is closer to the bike), therefore the cantilever effect is further minimized as the center of gravity is now even closer to the bike.


    Two attenuation dampeners (one on each side) further reduce the vibrations transmitted to the front structure of the tower.

    The indicators are housed behind the screen, protected in case of a lay down, and the fins that the indicators are attached are removable so that you can attach them elsewhere if need be.


    The cable management is unique and, in the package, a Tesa™ pet cloth wire harness tape is included, to make the installation as neat as possible. Special ‘gill’ inlets on the sides of the tower, allow the OEM harness to enter the unit with minimal effort and the front of the tower slides in a forward motion in order to be secured with ease while all the cables are attached.


    The paint of the navigation is something that we are spending time too. The new, bright orange powder coat is a unique bright orange colour code and is in par with the new ‘orange’ language of KTM™. This kit is unique in all the ways!

    CANbus Controller

    Pioneering once again, Aurora Rally Equipment is the first company in the world to offer a CANbus controller for the lights of the bike. 

    Since the bike has a smart electronic system, it automatically picks up that the OEM headlight is removed. This results in an error being displayed on the dash (HLU – Head Light Unit), which the rider has to bypass every time the bike is turned on. Aurora developed an electronic unit, that works only with kit's lights and informs the ECU for the change. 

    Hence an error free bike!


    There are plenty of options in the Aurora 790/890 Rally kit. Road legal, or pure off-road, these lights will keep you safe during night travelling. 

    The main beam is a Hella 60mm projector, upgraded with a high quality LED bulb. With a little bit over 5000 lumens, these LED units will outperform a stock halogen every single time! 

    For the high beam, there are three options to choose from. 

    A 60mm Hella LED street legal unit straight from the KTM™ Dakar Rally winner, a Baja Designs Squadron Sport (off road use only) or a Baja Designs Squadron Pro (off road use only). 

    The BD PRO and the upgraded Mainbeam will give you a combination of nearly 10000 lumens to illuminate even the darkest places in your night ride.

    The KTM Headlight mask and the Stone guard from the KTM® Rally bike are used, and there is even a special cover to block light reflection towards the rider from the screen when the lights are on. 

    Making safety the outmost priority on your night ride.

    Back plate

    The GPS back plate/OEM speedo bracket of the 790/890 Adventure rally kit is a work of art on its own. The modular design allows you to remove the OEM speedo from the top position and by relocating it to the handlebars by the addition of an additional handlebar bracket. This way you free up your cockpit for two GPSs or mobile phones, large tablet and whatever else your adventure is!

    Laser cut out of a sheet of soft aluminum, this plate also houses the KTM® USB port from the 701/690 Enduro (should you wish to install some extra outlets ). 

    The antivibration dampeners that secure the plate on the tower will absorb any impact and protect your equipment.

    The back plate has been designed to  allows you all 6 (!) adjustment positions of the handlebars without the need of moving anything out of the way. Pretty revolutionary we'd say!

    Should you wish to upgrade to a rally setup, we’ve got you covered! Please select the Roadbook backplate as well as the the bracket that moves the OEM speedo to the middle of the handlebars. You still get the important information, while the focus of the rider remains on the navigation gear.


    Dakar Rally and Dakar winning bikes may be changing, but we travellers and adventurers all over the world, have somehow different needs. 

    Protection from the elements and minimal buffeting are a paramount during our long rides or travels.

    In 2016 the Aurora 701 Xplorer kit was a pioneer in its own design with the 9×0 kits following after that.

    The same screen has been used yes but it has never been placed in space relative to the bars as the KTM™ Rally bike. The reason being that each bike has its own aerodynamic envelope, rider position, different helmets, different clothes, rider’s height etc. and the equation is chaotic.
    When we design a new product, we always start by analyzing the rider’s position relative to an existing database that we have. In this case our dataset was the 701 Xplorer kit that was a hit in this area (wind protection and buffeting), but for the 790 we took it a step further. 

    A detailed CFD analysis was conducted, and after that the screen was installed on a prototype tower on our 790/890 Adventure and tested back to back with the stock model. 

    Four riders were involved for the test rides, to varying heights and helmet types to provide us with large enough sample for the analysis. The test results gave us confidence, especially when combined with the CFD analysis. 

    The feedback from customers regarding buffeting has been overwhelming  and this is something that is achieved with the right screen at the right position despite what stock and other aftermarket looks are trying to suggest.

    The use of the KTM™ Headlight mask and Stone guard as well the aerodynamic side shrouds with the air ducts, all play an important role in the performance of the kit. Each part has optimized in its own way to operate as a part of the assembly, resulting in a flow which will allows you to reach your destination with minimal tiredness.

    The windshield has special, spring loaded ¼ turn bolts with retaining washers so that you won’t loose them , and the front of the bike can be removed without any tools. Made out of virtually indestructible PA6 (Nylon 6), this screen increases the safety of your upper body as it’s virtually impossible to break during off road riding. Not leaving sharp edges that can seriously injure a rider during crests the OEM

    Side panels

    The molded ABS side panels are the icing on the cake for the Aurora 790/890 Rally kit. Designed in collaboration with Dosmoto® and C-Racer®, the side panels are made from thermoplastic ABS.

    Both flexible and robust, they complete the front of the bike without interfering with the aesthetic language that the KTM™ 790/890 Adventure has.  The stainless steel brackets are attached without changing anything on the bike, and they even come with special EVA foam and protective clear film to protect the surface of the tank in case you lay down the bike and the side panels take the hit. The brackets are attached with Pro-Bolt® black aluminum bolts, while the assembly is completed by two quarter turn bolts on either side and the respective Dzus receptors. The whole front (windshield with the side panels) can be removed without any tools in a matter of seconds to give access to the cabling, should the rider need to do some roadside maintenance and repairs etc. The panels come painted matte black or glossy white. Lover of the finer things in life? They also come in Carbon Fiber as do the OEM plastics.

    The legendary head clamp!

    The most important part. If this part fails, no matter how good the rest of the structure is, it will fall catastrophically taking with it all the electrics of the bike. This is the foundation of a rally kit. Since 2016 Aurora Rally Equipment is proud to have zero head clamp failures in all the environments and conditions. Racing, Traveling, Commuting. Our data shows that there is no difference between racing and traveling as far as the damage that one can inflict to these parts. To the contrary, there is proof that amateur riders, sometimes, cause more harm to the equipment than the pro riders. The clamp is machined out a solid block of aluminium with special spacers and a chro-moly U-bolt designed and manufactured specifically for that purpose. It is warrantied for life, as all our frame clamps.

    Weight distribution

    The weight is always an important factor. 

    The 790/890 Adventure is the perfect bike to explain why the actual weight of the parts does not actually matter. 

    It’s the design behind them that matters the most. 

    The 790/890 Adventure for example has a belly tank which keeps the fuel load low and the mass centralization on this bike is pretty unique. Just push the bike around and it feels feather-light. It’s not light, it’s that the closer the mass is to the center of gravity, the less the ‘weight’ effect that we feel. 

    The Aurora 790/890 Rally kit was designed with the same principle. The weight of the bike remains unchanged when you add the kit, but the center of gravity of the whole assembly is moved closer to the headstock of the bike, minimizing the ‘cantilever’ effect. The lights and the main parts of the tower bring the weight closer to the handlebars, while smart choice of materials, further allowed us to ‘move’ the center of gravity where we wanted it in the design phase. 

    For example, the stainless steel bottom cover, is chosen (both in design, geometry and thickness) so that the center of gravity of the assembly is moved lower and closer to the bike. This results in a rally kit that not only will improve the looks of your 790/890 Adventure, but increased the functionality and performance as well!

    Everything comes pre-assembled

    Easy as 1-2-3. Just take care of the cabling and the electrics layout and you'd be ready to roll! Remember the CANbus controller will turn on the lights once the rear wheel starts rolling!

    Everything is straight forward and so the kit can be installed in a couple of days on the bike.

    Please watch the installation video carefully. Remember! The lights will automatically turn on when the  bike starts rolling!

    What's included in the kit

    1. CNC head clamp. Guaranteed for life.
    2. Navigation tower with options for everyday commuting, travelling and rally racing.
    3. Use of KTM OEM Rally parts. Enjoy quality, performance and improved aerodynamics.
    4. Hella headlight low beam projector (with Saber LED bulb).
    5. Baja Designs Squadron Sport as high-beam.
    6. Hella M60 LED as high beam (as additional street legal option).
    7. CANbus controller for the lights. No HLU error, plug and play.
    8. Classic Aurora RGB position light (up to 7 colours).
    9. Side panels made of ABS plastic, painted black or white, with 1/4 turn bolts for tool-less removal.
    10. Sticker kit for the side panels.
    11. QuickCharge 3.0 USB charger.
    12. Option to run a roadbook cluster.


    KTM® 790 and 890 Adventure (2019-2022)

    Compatability with MY23 has not yet been verified


    Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product’s color and design, actual colors and design may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings, the lighting in the installation location, slight differences in product finishes over time and other factors. Please contact Aurora Rally Equipment should you wish to confirm your final choices.


    Due to different regulations in the US, the OEM front turn indicators are bigger and will not fit in the available space on the tower. It is advisable to buy a smaller LED set.

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