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    Superlight Kit

    KTM 690

    Designation: KSC3-AUS

    As light as it gets!

    The new, Superlight Rally kit is here!

    Designed to improve the performance of your bike in multiple areas. 

    Order yours now and let the adventure begin!

    Ready for adventure!

    Click on the ''COMBINED' button on the top left corner to see all charts in one.

    What you see here is a spider (or radar) chart. We are comparing the OEM bike vs different Aurora Layouts that we have in our range. There are eight areas of interest.

    1. Ergonomics. This is your instrument layout. Are they in a better position? Easier to see? Higher is better.
    2. RAM balls. These little things will allow you to add from mobile phones to tablets!
    3. Service. Is it quick to access the main areas of interest?
    4. Lights. OEM lights are fully legal. In our kits not only you upgrade the lights, but you can install full off-road LED units for max performance.
    5.Weight. That's a necessary evil. We remove and we add parts on the bikes and the net effect is sometimes a heavier bike, or in the case of our Superlight kit a lighter bike.
    6. Safety System. The one and only Screen Safety System which will protect you during a crash!
    7. Racing. How race oriented is each kit.
    8. Iritrack. Can you install the FIM tracking device?

    Choose your areas of interest and get the best possible solution! A full comparison can be found in the FAQ section. 

    Enjoy the ride!

    Main Features!

    It's light! The Superlight kit is ideal for riders who want to explore the trails without having to cope with a bulkier setup, or a setup that has integrated side panels. It is unique because the CNC tower is the lightest of its kind. The main tower weighs just 848 grams!

    It's simple. The main kit comes with two RAM© mounts to install any digital device you want, or keep a minimal layout for maximum visibility!

    It's effective! The light options that you have with this kit will blow your mind! Up to eight different combinations (from fully street legal to 100% off road only) will guide you through those dark nights.

    It's aerodynamic! The screen, manufactured by Puig© is made out of 4mm thick PET material. Its aerodynamics has been in development an  for over 2 years. Using its unique adjustable brackets you can change the way it protects you during the long journeys!

    It's safe! The patent pending Screen Safety System will automatically move the screen out of your way in case of a violent contact and you can adjust the inclination of the screen on the spot!

    The kit comes pre-assembled! Everything is assembled for ease of use and reference. Our team is online close to 24/7 and you can text, e-mail us should you need help so that installation goes smoothly!

    Serial numbers in all parts! Each sub-assembly has a dedicated, unique serial number. We are able to back trace down to the person and the exact date that this sub-assembly was manufactured. Our unique quality control system means ease of mind when you install and Aurora!


    The screen, designed by Aurora and manufactured by Puig has been in the works for the last 24 months is a one-piece design made from high quality PET material. It is so flexible that you can press it flat on the floor without breaking it. We firmly believe that an off-road screen should not break or create sharp edges, keeping you safer while traveling/racing. The flip up design is compact, yet efficient in directing the air off your chest, allowing you to ride more comfortably for longer periods.


    The air scoop under the tower is a one-piece design is made from high impact resistance resin, specifically manufactured for outdoor applications. 

    It is painted to protect it against environmental damage. It serves as a cable cover and can be removed simply by undoing four bolts that give access to all the cables tucked away inside it. 

    Exposing the cables to the environment is something that we get a lot of questions about. 

    This is not new and done widely on the bike industry. You can find connectors all over on all bikes, and some of them are exposed to the environment. The idea is to be able to quickly trace errors and get back on your way. Given a choice between than trapping the cables inside the tower, and keeping them easily accessible we will always choose the latter.

    We can't think of anything worse than having to undo the whole tower to access that loose connector. The Superlight tower takes it a step further and allows you to access the cabling quicker, minimizing any potential errors and damage.

    * Screen Safety System

    We’ve been involved in rally racing since 2013 and have been studying the mechanics of crashes both during traveling and racing. During sudden changes in the terrain, it is well known that the screen can hit the rider on the helmet or on the throat, causing serious damage. Always with safety in mind, Aurora Rally Equipment is introducing a patent pending design that will allow the screen to propell away from the rider in case of a hard impact. Depending on the settings chosen, the screen will move forward and in case of a high impact crash, it will detach from its pin to minimise the forces transferred to the rider. The system is designed so that the screen brackets will slide automatically (depending on the installation procedure) or the user can have predefined positions according to their needs.

    * The Screen Safety System is sold as an extra feauture for this kit at an additional cost. Please check your cart for details.


    Aurora Rally Equipment is always pushing the boundaries of design and manufacturing. The tower is manufactured using a 3Axis milling machine pushed to its limits. The thickness of the tower plates is continuously changing on both sides to optimize its strength and stiffness. The 3D printed air scoop is printed using special methods and the part is UV-post cured to improve its mechanical properties. Nothing is left to chance.


    The Superlight kit is designed to allow you to enjoy your bike with minimum interference and maximum ease of use. Choose a simple setup, with only two RAM® balls and add your favorite digital device or start building your own cockpit by adding a series of add-ons to further personalize your tower. Dedicated back plates exist to add GPS devices, solar powered battery packs, rain gear, medical kits, light tools, or full navigation roadbook setups for those long races in the dunes!

    The legendary head clamp!

    The most important part. This is the foundation of the navigation tower. If this part fails, no matter how good the rest of the structure is, it will fail catastrophically with it all the electrics of the bike. Since 2016 Aurora Rally Equipment is proud to have zero head clamp failures in all the environments and conditions. Racing, Traveling, Commuting. We use state-of-the-art data logging equipment to ensure that these parts will have infinite life. Our data show that there is no difference between racing and traveling as far as the damage that one can inflict to these parts. To the contrary, there is proof that amateur riders, sometimes, cause more harm to the equipment than the pro riders. The clamp is machined out a solid block of aluminum with special spacers and a chro-moly U-bolt designed and manufactured specifically for that purpose. It is warrantied for life, as all our frame clamps.


    It is inevitable. The screen brackets are made from stainless steel that can bend when crashed, while the 3-point mounting system will allow the screen to rotate to absorb part of the impact. By making the tower smaller, and positioning it closer to the bike, the chances of touching the ground are minimized. Further to that, any added brackets on the top of the tower are manufactured using materials that will absorb energy (special aluminum alloy, stainless steel, polymers, rubber dampers) so that your equipment, analogue or digital is protected.


    The main parts of the aluminum tower weight just 848 grams! This is the lightest 3D CNC tower that has been out of our factory. The development is based on millions of fatigue data that have been gathered throughout the years. It is light, yet structurally stable and its center of gravity is even closer to the headstock of the bike compared to our other designs, hence the riders will not even feel that a navigation tower is added there!

    Let there be light!

    There are different needs depending to where a bike is ridden. Sometimes our bikes are used to commute, so there is a need for fully legal, approved headlights, but sometimes the bikes are loaded on our trailers and get to races where lighting is paramount. The advanced lighting bracketing system will allow you to swap lighting setups in 5 minutes tops! Choose from up to 7 combinations of lights using street legal LED lights from Hella® (the same lights used in the KTM® Rally factory bike) or combine them with a Baja Designs® Squadron (Sport or Pro), go for two Baja Squadron Pros if you want maximum performance or use one Dual4 LED with a low and a high beam feature. Have the second setup ready in your garage and install it for that quick night trip in the trails. Travel further, safer.

    What's included in the kit

    1. Aluminum Billet head clamp
    2. Aluminum Billet rally tower
    3. Adjustable PET rally screen
    4. 1/4 turn bolt fasteners and Dzus receptors
    5. Screen Safety System (S3) - you have to add to cart the S3 at extra cost.
    6. Ultra hard resin air scoop 
    7. Two RAM® ball mounts
    8. OEM Speedo relocation bracket
    9. CNC Polymer Cable Guide

    (* when adding lights, the kit comes with the necessary hardware and wiring harness, Screen Safety System sold as extra).

    Everything comes pre-assembled

    Easy as 1-2-3. Just take care of the cabling and the electrics layout and you'd be ready to roll! 

    Everything is straight forward and so the kit can be installed in one day on the bike.

    Please watch the installation video carefully.


    KTM® 690 Enduro (2008-)

    If  you have the Scotts BRP installed you need to add the Aurora Scotts adapter in order to be fully compatible and use the kit with the BRP!


    Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product’s color and design, actual colors and design may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings, the lighting in the installation location, slight differences in product finishes over time and other factors. Please contact Aurora Rally Equipment should you wish to confirm your final choices. 

    The Screen Safety System is sold as an extra for this kit. Please check the product options for details during checkout.

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