We have access to CNC milling and CNC lathe equipment, YAG lasers, 3D CAD software, FE Analysis and 3D printers, which allows us to develop high-quality parts, with a view to build and design the most robust equipment in rally racing. We will always use innovative technologies, materials and solutions and match it with unparalleled design and quality. We indeed do our own tests, as riders, but we prefer to leave the real testing to the pros. All our products are tested in the rally field by teams and riders that have enormous experience in the field and we are honoured to have our gear on Pål Anders Ullevålseter’s bike, the privateer that in 2010 finished 2nd in Dakar behind Mr. Coma. These days Pål continues to amaze us by running Africa Eco Race and support the schools in Africa. A true legend.

We have a dedicated laboratory to test our equipment with specially designed rigs where we can create models out of different materials to simulate the real parts before we start manufacturing. Our team of riders is spread all over the world and they utilize your equipment in rally races months before we set up production to make sure that you get the best out of your equipment. We will not go into trouble to improve or copy existing parts, here you will find parts that never existed before. The parts that you couldn’t have probably have imagined!

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Whether you are looking for a full custom build, rally parts, kits or just accessories for your bike, Aurora Rally Equipment will have a solution for you.
We can design a bike from the ground up or build specific parts to fulfill your needs. From custom decals to fully customized fairings. Our rally expertise allows us to prepare your bike for long distance travelling or a race in our dedicated laboratory and allow you to focus on what matters the most.

Building reliable parts involves, as always, R&D. This cannot be done by the seat of our pants, so professionals are employed to test bikes and equipment. We use data logging equipment to understand the forces involved off road riding and during a crash so that we optimise the designs based on real data.

Pål Anders Ullevålseter
Team Ullevålseter

2015 & 2016 back to back winner in Africa Eco Race – close to 15 years of experience in Dakar and AER. 2nd in Dakar 2010 and 2nd in AER 2019.

Anastasiya Nifontova

2nd in Dakar 2017 and 3rd in Dakar 2019 (women’s class). This year Anastasiya became the first woman in history to finish Dakar in Malle Moto Class.

Joakim Lundby

Winner at Morocco Desert Challenge 2018 using our Husqvarna 701 Rally Replica Kit.

Andrew Newland
Desert Rose Racing

Took 2nd place in Africa Eco Race 2016 using our Roadbook Holder.

Christopher Cork
big twin fanatic

Finished in top three at Tuareg 2016 & 2017 on Twin Cylinder bikes.