Looks, function and protection!

Yamaha set a new standard when the T7 prototype was unveiled, a bike with unique looks, based on Dakar inspired replicas. The civil T700 inherited some of the features of the T7 prototype, but the constraints were such that the looks were altered. The Aurora T700 rally kit, changes the looks of your bike, but make no mistake, this is not only a neat dress for your bike. It’s a protective and functional layer which makes the bike a joy to ride. The tank cover, made out of Glass or Carbon fiber (customer’s choice) will protect the expensive tank of the bike, which is prone to get damaged during falls, while the side panels and the geometry of the kit, will allow you to have a full visual of the front wheel, getting away safely in any type of terrain.
We took extra care to split the side panels so that you can replace only the ones that got damaged, should things get nasty, while you will still be able to undress the bike quickly and efficiently. Form follows function.

Having experienced Eco Race firsthand in 2017, it became obvious to our engineers that both travelers and racers share some needs. Both bikes need to be undressed easily and quickly. Neither a traveler, nor a racer would want to spend the night out, taking 20 bolts out, and then trying to remember which goes where. It’s not safe and it’s not fun! This kit, brings this racing experience and will allow you to undress your bike a lot easier and quicker than a stock T700.
Should you get into a situation that you need to undress the bike on the side of the road, you can quickly and easily access any of the parts underneath.