Aurora Roadbook holders

At Aurora our aim is simple: to create the extraordinary. We do this not only by putting something truly exceptional in your bike but also by ensuring your RB holder is more than an accessory on your bike. And to guarantee every roadbook meets our uncompromising standards and your high expectations, each blends a unique trilogy of craftsmanship, performance and services. We take very seriously that this equipment will navigate you through the desert, so we are the only company that services the units and offers every single part as an available spare.

Mk1 has served a lot of riders since 2013, has multiple winnings under its belt with rider legends like Pal Anders Ullevalseter and Stefan Svitko. No unit has come back to our premises, and Joakim Lunbdy, our crash tester has finished ECO Race after a crashed unit which, even if crashed, performed flawlessly. Our first RB holder went through different versions (A1-A3) and we now feel its time to lead the way to the future. The new version, Mk2, features a composite flexible shell, still guaranteed for the life of the product, new magnetic transmission, lighter internals and even smarter design.

High impact strength shell

Mk2’s shell is virtually indestructible!  The first Roadbook in the market with a patented, impact proof shell. Made from UV stable material, specifically developed for this purpose in collaboration with HDB and, it will spring back to its original shape even after heavy impacts. Combined with the magnetic transmission, which can take axial, radial and tangential misalignments, you have a roadbook that is very unlikely to let you down even after a crash!

Completely waterproof

No more water dramas! The only roadbook available today which is protected to the highest degree from the elements. Thanks to the ”bathtab”  design, high quality gaskets and seals and heavy duty metallic cable glands, this unit will stay clean from dust and water !  And we have put it to through a series of tests to prove that it will even operate underwater. The hybrid outer bearings are hand filled with special lubricant to ensure that will cope with the worst elements and survive the most difficult races in the world! From the Africa deserts to the Salar de Uyuni, this roadbook is always self protected from the elements!

Patented removable interior

No more loading next to the bike with meters of paper flopping around! No more waste of time in the mornings to load the paper in the cold, rainy days or in the hot sun. No more running around the team crew when they are preparing or repairing the bike. Load and change scroll in a matter of seconds! The magnetic transmission allows you without any tools to just pull the interior out, take it with you and leave the crew to focus on the bike. Before the stage, just pop it in and off you go!

Rare Earth Magnetic transmission, guaranteed for life

A new breed of roadbook transmission. A patented, rare earth magnetic transmission ensures smooth operation without compromising speed and stability. Even if the assembly gets damaged or the distance between the transmission pulleys changes, these special magnets guarantee that the torque is transmitted through a thin air gap. Axial, radial and tangential misalignments are handled exceptionally well. Mechanical brakes ensure that the paper will not rotate unintentionally while riding rough terrain. Therefore no re-adjustments needed, resulting in safer riding!