Chris Cork showing how it’s done in Sahari Rally 2018.

All the luck to Chris who had a crash yesterday, bruised all over the place and a bust rib, but that’s how it always is. Tough. #NeverGiveUp!

#9×0 bike mods include rear tanks, of which one is split to hold 3lts of water, fuel piping system with quick release couplings all over, isolation valves and gravity non return valves, oil cooler from a Super Enduro allowing for larger radiator, shorter oil lines. Lithium battery under the seat, rectifier under the tower and custom oil and coolant bottles.
All the people involved with this bike have been through hell, Chris included, the preparation team, the mechanics in Algeria, even people that were not involved in the rally to begin with and were celebrating their birthday at the time ?. We would not have it any other way, and as Gale said at some point ‘It’s crazy, but that’s how we like it’ ?
To give you an idea, when the bike was send to Western Europe, Chris tried to intercept the truck to get the bike quicker, but without luck, then we had to arrange with rally friend from France to get a van to Frankfurt, where another friend there did the communication so that the van intercepts the truck and the bike gets from Frankfurt to Marseilles so that Chris could get to Algeria in time. All this could not have been done without some of the best people in the rally world, people that you can call family and will help in such cases no matter what.