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Great fuel capacity combined with the best rally tower on the market.

With side shrouds designed from scratch, to match the bike’s aesthetics, this kit will transform your 701LR to a great traveler like no other!

This kit was designed in collaboration with Dosmoto.

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  1. Why keep adding parts when you can design a new one? In collaboration with Dosmoto design we brought to life what we think is the best Rally kit for the 701 Long Range. The 701LR Rally kit includes patent pending side panels which give you an aesthetically pleasing result, while the aerodynamics are optimised.

Navigation tower is proved in races such as Morocco desert challenge (twice, with Joakim Lundby winning the >450 class in 2018), Albania Rally, Serres Rally and since 2016 no reported failures on any of the kits sold.

Kit includes:

  • Navigation Tower which is made from Aluminium, steel and polymers. This is the tower that has won the Morocco Desert Challenge with Joakim Lundby and since its birth there are no structural failures. The tower comes complete with lights. Hella Projector as a main beam with a cut off so that you do not blind the fellow riders/drivers even when a LED or HID bulb is installed. High beam is a LED unit from Hella, taken directly from the 2019 KTM 450 Rally Replica bike.
  • LED position light, 7 colour options.
  • All wiring harnesses needed, the low beam stays on when the high beam is turned on.
  • Side panel brackets.
  • OEM Speedo bracket.
  • QuickCharge 3.0 USB charger.
  • CNC polymer cable guide.

Tower includes:

  • CNC Aluminium spacers.
  • Position for ABS light, and five warning lights (or toggle switches).
  • KTM OEM Stone guard.
  • KTM OEM Light support.
  • KTM OEM Windshield pre-assembled with rubber grommets and spring loaded black Dzus fasteners.
  • Screen bolts with wellnuts.
  • Navigatin backplate:
    • Roadbook backplate comes with a dedicated back plate for a roadbook holder of your choice.
    • Dual GPS backplate comes with a back plate capable of housing two GPS units or one GPS and one tripmaster.
  • Side panels. Made of ABS. Pre drilled and painted.
  • Installation video.
  • CNC spider head clamp. Patent Pending. Warrantied for life.

We recommend to trim the side frame covers. To revert back to the OEM, we can supply the covers when you order the kit.
You need to cut the rear part of the front mask of the bike to remove it if you don't want to detach the brake lines from the bike.

$3,699.00 (inc. 10% GST)

navigation backplate *

this kit comes by default with a Dual GPS backplate that has two positions for AMPS devices, both clearly visible from the rider.
Roadbook backplate has one position for your roadbook holder and two positions for trip meters (RNS, ICO, Speedocap etc.)

roadbook *

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please provide the required colour code during checkout!

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For improved looks, we recommend cutting the black frame covers. We can add a new set in your order to restore the bike at it's original form if needed.

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