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Give your 950/990 Adventure the looks and the practicality of a rally bike with a reasonably priced kit.

Let us set the record straight! This bike is the one that gave to the public ‘Dakar’ looks and off road capabilities beyond belief for its size. A winning Dakar bike, a formidable traveler and one of the best all round bikes in the world. Let us reveal the true beast that is hiding in your 9×0 bike.

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What’s included in the kit

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Kit includes:

KTM Rally Factory screen for improved visibility and aerodynamics.
Hella projector main beam with halogen bulb, Hella LED high beam taken directly from the KTM 2019 Rally Factory bike. Both fully legal.
KTM Rally light support.
KTM Rally stone guard.
KTM Rally stone guard seal.
RGB LED position light (7 colour combinations).
OEM Quick release Dzus fasteners with spring return and retainers on the windshield.
OEM Rubber nuts for the screen.
Navigation tower that is rally proofed both from Christopher Cork, based on the already established Aurora 701RR bike.
Navigation backplate that houses the KTM speedo. 3D printed shading cover for the old type speedo, Aluminium backplate for the latest one (combined speedo and tacho).
Aluminium bracket for the ECU on all 990 models.
Adventure side panels, ABS molded, provided pre driller and painted with bolts and rubber washers.
Rally side panels, made from fiberglass, provided painted with bolts and rubber washers.
Electrical harness.
QuickCharge 3.0 USB charger.
Extra customization upon request (colours and designs – at extra cost).


You need to relocate your main switch!

For models up to 2008

There is no place to put the OEM rev counter on the tower.

$2,874.00 (inc. 10% GST)

select your side panel *

CAD designed, pre drilled, made from ABS thermoplastic polymer

hand crafted, made from glass fibre

Get two sets of side panels that you can swap anytime

Adventure style colour *

Rally style colour *

your KTM Adventure is *

your rev counter is *

models 2009 onwards.

models 2003 to 2008. We supply a nicely crafted 3D printed housing for the old speedo.

Tower details colour

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