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The Super SevenZeroOne is a kit that allows you to extend the fuel capacity of your 701 up to 28 lt using OEM KTM Rally parts.

Turn indicators relocation

It is advisable to reposition the front indicators on the mask about 50mm higher than the OEM position, otherwise they will be touching the tanks when you fully turn the steering left or right.


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What’s included in the kit

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  • Front tanks (Factory KTM parts), Left and Right – with all accessories. Front tanks are interconnected. Tygon yellow breather pipes with billet Aluminium front caps. Tank breathing is interconnected with a metallic tee. Triple layer thermal reflector installed on the left tank to reduce heat transfer from the exhaust.
  • NEW! Tank brackets (Aluminium, steel and stainless steel used). Warrantied for life. New tank brackets are lighter and adjustable.
  • NEW! Side panels. ABS side panels. We suggest on how to shape them and you’d have to trim the side panels to shape. Be creative and make your own unique Super 701!
  • Side panel brackets.
  • Rectiifer relocation bracket.
  • Fuel pump, OEM Keihin. Optional: Upgrade the pump motor and get a lifetime warranty on the pump!
  • NEW! Dedicated exhaust header, stainless steel. Handcrafted.
  • Fuel piping. Two billet non return valves, all preassembled. Plug and play. Heat shields installed in the fuel lines that need to be protected.
  • All wiring. Plug and play. (Toggle for pump selection, reserve light etc).
  • QuickCharge 3.0 USB charger.
  • NEW! Carbon fiber/aramid reinforced skid plate. Brackets with shock absorbers to protect the tanks in case of a heavy crash. The new skid plate protects the rear brake pump and the linkage of the bike.
  • ABS molded seat pan. Durable seat cover and dedicated polyurethane foam to make you feel comfortable in long trips.
Parts that need to be modified to the point beyond return

Rear panels have to be trimmed to match the tank profile. We provide you with a template to do it and it can be done in no time. To revert back to the OEM, the panels cost less than €100  both (P/N: 2700804100028 – no decals, & 2700804000028 – no decals).
You need to cut the rear part of the front mask of the bike to remove it if you don\'t want to detach the brake lines from the bike. The part cost is close to €30 (P/N 27008009000).

$8,014.00 (inc. 10% GST)

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Using a Scotts steering damper? Then you need this to mount it.

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