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Function and aerodynamics

    The screen is designed by the Aurora Rally Equipment racing team and it is manufactured using high quality PET material. It is very efficient (taking into account its size) and it will protect you from the elements without adding extreme volume to the bike. Add RAM® balls or back plates, but keep the minimalistic setup! The center of gravity is further optimised and kept as close as possible to the bars.


    The patent pending Screen Safety System (S3) is an optional part, but can be fully integrated into the tower, allowing you to control the way the screen will react if it comes into contact with your body. The system has many redundancy features so in case of structural damage, it can either be bypassed or removed, allowing you to reach your destination and take action.


    The new Superlight for EXC/FE/EC range is in a league on its own. The main tower weight is 848 grams and if the rider chooses the ‘enduro’ mode, the tower can be as light as 700 grams! The continuously changing variable thickness results in maximum strength with minimal weight!


    The new 3D printed aero-scoop, not only houses the cabling, should you add electronic/electric devices, but it is a functional part of the assembly, as it directs air to the rectifier. Special inlets and outlets create a vortex effect to maximize the cooling effect!

What’s included in the kit

  1. Aluminium Billet Head Clamp
  2. Aluminum Billet Navigation Tower
  3. Adjustable Rally Screen
  4. 1/4 turn bolt fasteners and Dzus receptors
  5. Rectifier bracket and extension cables
  6. Ultra hard 3D printed resin air scoop
  7. Two RAM® ball mounts
  8. OEM Speedo relocation bracket
  9. CNC Polymer Cable Guide

(* when adding lights, the kit comes with the necessary hardware and wiring harness).

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Screen Safety System (S3)

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